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selling kids clothes

Ready to declutter your kid’s closet? Pop-up Mini makes it all easy for you to sell grown out baby & kids wear. Just collect and hand it in. That’s it! We’ll make a selection and sell it for you – for free! 

Selling the stuff you don’t use anymore will not only tidy up your house nicely, it’s also a great way to earn money and help creating a better world for everyone. Be part of the story. It’s super simple and fun!

here’s how it works

clear out the closet

Pack all clothes and accessories in one box / bag. We use a minimum of 20 items.

bring in the good stuff

Drop off, pick up (people who are living in The Hague can use our free pick up service), or send it to us. Read more

we make a selection

We will only sell items that match our style and selection criteria, so we kindly ask you to be selective about what you hand in.

ready for sale

We make sure everything looks great and determine the sales price.


We’ll sell it for you during the pop-up mini event. You don’t have to do anything yourself.


You’ll be paid 50/50. All earnings you’ll receive in your bank account within 1 week after the event.

pick up or donate

Leftovers can be picked up afterwards, or – if you feel really generous –  you can straightly donate them to refugee children. Read more

turn stash
into cash

Do you have (piles of) children’s clothing you no longer use?
Let us sell it for you. It’s an easy way to earn money and sustainable too.

bring in & return items
Want to let us sell your baby & kids clothes? Nice! you have different options to bring in and get back clothes. Feel free to choose whatever works best for you. Read more

selection criteria
We will only sell items that match our criteria, so please be selective about what you hand in and pack a minimum of 20 items. Read more

charity partners 
here to read more about our charity goals.

join the club

Be the first to know about the next pop-up mini. Follow our journey on facebook or instagram.